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Targeted Advertising – Where do you start?

Image Targeted Advertising - Where do you Start?_SS_11-19-18

Lets face it… No one can afford to advertise to everyone, so the first step is to determine who you should be advertising to. Start by making a list of the demographic characteristics of your current customer base, this list could include, but is not limited to: average age household income gender interest location language…

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The Importance of a CRM

Image Importance of a CRM_ME_12-14-18

Before we get started… Recently we talked about some important topics Your Brand Identity Hashtags & SEO Direct Response Marketing   All these things that a business does to show prospects WHO they are and HOW we got in front of that prospect are great however its important to remember what to do next and…

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What Your Business Should Know About Blogging on LinkedIn

Image Blogging on LinkedIn_HK_12-12-18

LinkedIn Pulse – Have you heard about this? Most people are aware that you can share links to other blogs on LinkedIn but did you know that you can actually publish blogs within the LinkedIn platform? This area is called LinkedIn Pulse and can be a very effective tool for business growth. Before we dive…

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How Hashtags play a role in Social Media

Image Social Media & Hashtags_CF_12-10-18

#SOCIAL In a previous article; “Hashtags & SEO – What does it all mean?”, we explored that special little pound symbol, aka hashtag and it’s effect on SEO. Hashtags entice engagement as they increase visibility across audiences wherever they are placed. They can be used within content or in social media posts and encourage people…

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Hashtags & SEO – What does it all mean?

Hashtags & SEO - What do it all mean?

Hashtags… They seem to be attached to everything online, especially social media posts. They’ve even become the summary of our face-to-face conversations #itwasagoodday. Why? Let’s explore the basics, what hashtags are, how they are used and more importantly why they have an effect on SEO and why as an online marketer, we pay attention. In…

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