The Amazing Future of eCommerce Technology.

“Beam me up, Scotty!”

An iconic line from one of television histories most mesmerizing shows – Star Trek.

Somehow, this futuristic technology was able to de-materialize a human and re-materialize them in the transporter bay on the space ship.

It may seem impossible now, but the technology is slowly becoming a reality due to the growing tech industry. This same tech industry is doing amazing things that can bring your business into the future as well. Let’s look at what the future of eCommerce will look like within the next two to three years. You may not be beaming your products directly into your customers home just yet, but with this tech, you can get pretty darn close!

Google’s 3D Walkthrough Tour.

Google Maps launched Street View in 2007. This Google Maps feature allows people to view places around the world as if they were physically standing in the street and looking at the building. In 2013, Google launched their 3D walk-through tour within Google Street View. This amazing feature allows people to view the inside of a business as if they were standing there in person. Business owners can hire a web agency that is certified in this technology to come into their place of business and use advanced 360-degree cameras to create 3D virtual tours of their place of business, potential customers can then find their business using Google Maps, and take a virtual look around.

Click here to see this tech in action and take a virtual tour of Lexington Kentucky’s Lexington Visitors Center.

BT Web Group is certified and has the technology needed to create a 3D walk-through of your business just like this!

3-D Products

When you shop online, most eCommerce websites will only allow you to view products at the angles that the photographers decided to snap photos for the site. With 3D Product Rotation, this problem no longer exists. Enter the world of 3D product virtualization and Interactive 3D CAD & 360 Degree Product Photography. With this tech customers can use their mouse (or finger if on a mobile device) to drag the product photos around in three-dimensional space to view all angles of a product before deciding to purchase. While not exactly the same as holding the physical product in your hand, this tech is pretty close! Companies such as Foot Locker, Dillard’s, and Fossil have already implemented this technology into their eCommerce websites and have seen amazing responses. BT Web Group can implement this same technology for your website too!

Check out our demo.

Augmented & Virtual Reality – The next generation!

What does the future hold for ecommerce business? I would like to introduce you to Augmented & Virtual Reality.

What’s the difference between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality?

Augmented Reality adds digital elements to a live view, and virtual Reality implies a complete immersion experience that shuts out the physical world.

Augmented reality is already being used by the United States Postal Service (USPS) to help shippers visualize box sizes before shipping. Ebay released an app that lets you view your living room with a couch that you haven’t purchased yet to see how it looks in your space. offers Augmented Reality greeting cards that bring boring “Get Well Soon” and other card types to life before your eyes by looking at them through the camera of a mobile phone. What’s Next? See your product being used before purchasing it. Imagine pointing your phone at your feet to see how shoes look on you before clicking the “Buy Now” button!

The Oculus Rift and the Hololens are both currently available for sale! These devices are known to be the top of the line in Virtual and Augmented Reality. We believe that one day soon these devices will take the place of desktop computing.

Bringing holograms into your real world, using spatial sound and an understanding of the environment around you, holograms will look and sound like they are actually part of the world you are standing in.

Imagine a world where you can view, hear, and walk around a product before deciding to purchase it.

This… is the next generation.

Rest assured. When this technology is ready for the eCommerce world – BT Web Group will be ready too.

Written By Shane S. – Technology Manager

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