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Dear Friend,

My name is Brian Evans, and I started BT Web Group in Lexington, KY because I believe that hard working business owners, like you, deserve better Marketing Strategies from an Online Marketing Company.  In my opinion too much money is wasted on websites, marketing, and consulting from unqualified organizations, simply because you don’t fully understand the “web developer lingo.”  

Yes, there are a lot of options (cheap and expensive) when it comes to having a new website built these days, so how do you decide? Unfortunately, in today’s world there is so much more to it than just building a WordPress website, or running an ad on Google, or boosting a post on Facebook.  These are just the first steps of many. An effective website and online marketing campaign requires more than just some pretty graphics and text. The code, keywords, framework, research, hosting, and marketing plan behind a website is what ultimately determines success or failure.  This is what most people don’t understand, and I’ve seen it hundreds of times.  

When you consider working with BT Web Group, the first thing we’re going to do is have a good old fashioned conversation and provide you with a Free Estimate. We’ll do a complete Audit, and Web Review of your business, then make recommendations of what’s best for YOU not us.

After thoughtful discussion and review we’ll provide you with a proposal that is 100% custom tailored for your business, your budget, your goals, your timeline, your marketplace, your location, your products and services…EVERYTHING.

We want you to have Marketing Strategies and a Website that is perfect for your business needs, and you have my word that we’ll do our best to find a way to help you grow your business, and keep it growing for years to come…and it all starts with a conversation.

Request a Free Consultation, or call us when you’re ready: 859-263-9045.



Here's a few of our website design projects...

Whether your business needs a simple website for online visibility, or a state of the art e-commerce website that is built for a global operation, we’ve got you covered.   We can handle every part of designing your new website, hosting your website and driving quality traffic to your website so you can get new customers. You can be as involved in the process as you’d like, or we’ll do it all for you and you can take a completely hands off approach. You’ll be surprised how easy, affordable, and profitable our services can be.