Ready for a new website?

Before BT Web Group

Your website design is

  • Ugly
  • Not Mobile Friendly
  • Has Broken Links
  • And Non-Existent 
Website Design Lexington Kentucky Website Design Lexington Kentucky
After BT Web Group

Your website design is

  • Beautiful
  • Lightning Fast
  • Mobile Responsive
  • SEO Optimized 
  • And More…

Affordable Website Design

Easy Website Management

Your new website will feature an easy-to-use Content Management System, which lets you (or a staff or team member) easily update your website yourself. No need to call in a webmaster or technical person when you need to post simple changes to your website. You can simply log in and change store hours, alert customers about a sale, post to your blog, or add new products and services to your inventory.

Budget Friendly Hosting

BT Web Group will not only design and launch your beautiful new website – we’ll also host it for you. There are several affordable hosting packages available to fit your needs, depending on the size of your website, the amount of traffic you get, your security concerns and more.

Awesome Content Packages

Great content is a big part of what makes a great website. This is an area that many businesses struggle to find the time to implement and we understand that. The good news is you never have to worry about content again if you don’t want to because we provide full content services.

Here's a closer look of some of our web designs.

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Whether your business needs a simple website for online visibility, or a state of the art e-commerce website that is built for a global operation, we’ve got you covered.   We’ll handle every part of designing your new website. You can be as involved in the process as you’d like, or we’ll do it all for you and you can take a completely hands off approach. You’ll be surprised how easy, affordable, and profitable your website can be.