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Website security lexington ky BusinessWebsites
March 29, 2018

Securing Your Website

We all read in the news that websites are getting hacked nearly every day. How secure is your website? Is it secured at all? Did you know that in July 2018 Google is releasing Chrome68? What this means for you is that any website not protected with SSL/TLS (Secure-Socket Layer/Transport…
Marketing help in Lexington, KY BusinessWebsites
March 22, 2018

First Impressions

Do you need to find a good salon? Do you need to find information on a new car? When you do, what’s the first thing you do? If you’re like everyone else, you search the internet. But what if you don’t have a website for your business? Will people still…
March 15, 2018

Success in a Small Business

When you Google ‘Small Business’ so many items pop up. Everything from “Best Small Business Ideas” to “Small Business Financing” to “Small Business Support” and “Small Business Technology.” The truth is that you’ve probably already had an idea in the back of your head for a business and are ready…

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