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January 18, 2018

Do You Understand Your Customers?

If someone asked you today, “Who’s your customer?” How would you answer? Do you know who your customer is? How has your customer base changed from when you started to where you are today? Have you changed to accommodate this new customer? If you have customers, you have customer service….

January 11, 2018

SEO Trends in 2018

As we dive into 2018, it’s worth reviewing our SEO and seeing if anything needs to be addressed for the new year. The search engines seemingly change their algorithms on a daily basis and it’s hard to keep up. The trends we’re seeing for 2018 are: Voice Search and Digital…

January 3, 2018

Dealing With A Bad Online Review

Social media. It’s such a buzz word nowadays. But it is crucial to any business. I’m sure every one of us has searched for a restaurant or business, and the first thing you do is read the reviews. Or you’re shopping on Amazon and before clicking the “Buy” button, you…

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