The Number One Question Business Owners Are Trying To Answer

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The number one question that all business owners are trying to answer is, how do I grow and improve my business?

How Do I Grow And Improve My Business?

The answer is through marketing and innovation, which is what this message is about.

You may think that marketing doesn’t apply to your business, but it does. All businesses depend on marketing.

As you and I both know, we’re living in a society where customers are drowning in information but starving for wisdom.

So here’s some wisdom…

“The only true wisdom is knowing that you know nothing, thereby leaving your mind open to the possibility of improving through learning.” – Socrates

So what does that have to do with marketing?

No matter what you may already be doing with your marketing and advertising, there is always room for improvement that can yield 3, 5, or even 10 times greater results for the same investment.

At BT Web Group, we can provide the knowledge, tools, strategies, and support that allows your businesses to gain a competitive advantage over others.

When we work with new businesses, we analyze, measure, identify, and look for ways to enhance what’s already working and replace any underperforming aspects of marketing and sales with alternatives that perform better.

On average, our clients experience a 25% month-over-month, and 28% year-over-year increase in their organic website traffic and a 5X return on their paid advertising.

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There are over 170 marketing service companies in Lexington for you to choose from, but here’s why we’re different…

Anyone can build a website, design a graphic, run an ad, or record a video, but that’s not the true value in working with us. We don’t do what everyone else does. We meticulously build strategies, funnels, and campaigns that have doubled clients’ revenues yearly.

There are many marketing agencies trying to get you to spend large sums of money on marketing tactics that seem popular from the general point of view, are similar to what your competitors are doing, and are easy to implement, but may or may not be right for your business.

However, we believe our clients should get comfortable with us first, fully agree with the unique customized strategies we recommend, and know all the potential downsides and upside before moving forward.

Bottom line, we don’t throw spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. We throw darts at a dartboard and aim for the bullseye.

Since 2005, We’ve assisted over 580 companies and worked with businesses in over 97 unrelated industries, and when you’ve had the opportunity to work with that many different people and industries, you can’t help but learn and discover new strategies can be successfully implemented across other industries.

Marketing IS the only thing that can give your business exponential growth year after year.

Marketing IS the only vehicle that gives you the distinction your customers are looking for that makes them choose you over your competitors.

Don’t succumb to becoming a commodity in your industry by doing what everyone else does. Stand out and be different. You have the right to become the best, most distinctive business in your market, but you can only do that with better marketing and advertising.

This doesn’t just mean getting new customers in the door, but it is also about identifying ways to improve conversion rates that turn more prospects into customers, building marketing campaigns to generate more repeat business, identifying ways to increase the unit of every sale, reduce attrition, reengage lost customers, and retain existing customers, because it’s much more expensive to acquire new customers than to keep existing ones.

The number one reason I’ve seen why businesses fail is that most businesses only have one primary way to bring in new customers. Then if something disrupts the market, something external, something in the government, something in the economy, some bad press, a new competitor, etc., then suddenly that business is in trouble and statistically goes out of business.

How Do I Grow And Improve My Business?

Another reason why businesses fail is they’re afraid to spend more money on marketing and advertising. They’re afraid they’ll make a mistake, get burned, or, since “it” didn’t work before, it won’t work this time.

Remember what Socrates said, “The only true wisdom is knowing that you know nothing, and always being open to learning and improving.”

Written by: Brian Evans
BT Web Group
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