Your Identity is your Brand and your Brand is your Identity

Hello! Who are you?

As a small business, established company or a multi-million dollar corporation, do you know what your Identity is? Do you know how your customers view you? Are you sure you are doing all the right things to make your customers and potential customers see you? Really, SEE YOU?   Lets take some time to talk about your Brand Identity. What is Brand Identity you ask…its simply how your business distinguishes itself from other competitors in a marketplace.   We can break down what differentiates you by a few key items; your company’s principals, beliefs, marketing and communication methods.   The goal of Branding is to create a lasting impression in the minds of your customers and prospective customers.


What is the quickest way for a customer to recognize you?   A few ways are; your logo, colors, slogan and marketing messages. These items are very important to your company and how you visibly compare in your marketplace. Lets take a look at a well-known technology company, Apple. EVERYONE in the world knows their iconic Apple logo. Not only does this company have a great business model it’s Brand Awareness is uncanny. The key is to figure out how to create a lasting impression on the minds of their customers and prospective customers.

Lets stick to the FACTS.

32% of consumers learn about products from brands websites or social media accounts. 59% of global consumers prefer to buy new products from brands familiar to them. 22% of consumers follow 10 or more brands online.   This is why you as a small business, established company or a multi-million dollar corporation need to focus efforts on marketing your Brand. There might be a few hundred companies servicing customers in similar ways to your company but if that customer can’t distinguish your company or products from your competitors in the marketplace then you will be left behind.

“Focus on Four”

Whats do we mean by this?  Simple, focus on these four components:

  1. Brand Awareness, which is: “the extent to which consumers are familiar with the distinctive qualities or image of a particular brand of goods or services.”
  2. Communication, which is: “the exchanging of information or news.”
  3. Visibility, which is: “the state of being able to see or be seen.”
  4. Brand Loyalty, which is: “the tendency of some consumers to continue buying the same brand of goods rather than competing brands.”

Its simple…

Its simple, to make your customers and prospective customers choose you, you have to create awareness. To do this you will need to communicate to your customers and prospective customers. How to you communication? You do so by being visible and by being visible you will gain you customer loyalty.   It’s important to spend time and think through your logos, colors and trademarks. At a glance a customer should be able to recognize you in the crowd. Make sure your slogan, principles and marketing messages reflect your company.   A slogan or tagline can speak to someone just as effectively as the visual aspects of your Brand.   Keeping these elements in the forefront will solidify your Brand Awareness in the marketplace, which will lead to repeat customers and referrals.   Remember, Branding isn’t fun for a cow but its good for your company.

Written By Mary Beth Evans – Chief Operating Officer Contact BT Web Group for all your Digital Marketing and Web Design needs. We’re located in Lexington, KY Please take a moment to like, share, and tell us your thoughts about this topic.  Thank you.

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