Why is a Newsletter Important to my Business?

20 words or less.

A newsletter is simply a way for you as a business owner to stay in communication with your customers.

Think of it like this

You might not think of you favorite home décor magazine as a “newsletter” but it is in fact in that category. It’s a monthly subscription that updates you on all things trending and happening in the home décor world. Your newsletter is programed to do the same thing. Your newsletter might be a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly touch to your customer base. Whichever the case the message is what’s most important.

The message.

Think of your newsletter as a valuable marketing tool. To survive in any business you must communicate with your customers. On top of that you must develop strategies to reach NEW customers all while maintaining your current customers. How do you do this in one message?

You can start with a few easy tips:

  • Promotions – are you running a special on a product or service? Let your customers know about it.
  • Highlight a product or service – is there a new product or service that you are offering that you didn’t in the past? Let your customers know about it.
  • Referrals – you have your current customer base, now lets expand.   At the bottom of every newsletter ask for a referral!
  • Make sure you have more than one-way for someone to join your newsletter – what do I mean? If you have a website (which you should otherwise you need to call us ASAP) make sure there is a Call To Action on the site (in more than one area) where someone perusing your site can see and add their name & email. This can also be achieved with a light box popup feature once someone visits your site, within a few seconds it will pop-up and ask if they would like to join, usually a discount is attached to these but not necessary.
  • Less is always more – don’t ask for their phone number and the number of kids they plan on having, just get the basics; name & email. Anything more can make some skittish.


Lets talk about who your audience is and how to keep them interested in what your company has to say. First, think of yourself and how you communicate and filter through emails that you receive. Its safe to say you probably get more than 100 emails a day from all mediums. You easily scan and mentally discard your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram notifications because you are usually interacting with those via an app. Then there are the emails you get from stores you have purchased from in the past, present and future. Unless you are waiting for an email from Amazon stating that your package has shipped, you are skipping those as well. So now what you recognize how you interact with communications from other companies you can begin to understand the importance of being unique.

Live or be deleted by your: Subject Line.

Not only do you have to grab your reader’s attention you don’t want to be filtered as SPAM!

Start with…

  • Brag – “This marketing tool doubled our business in 6 weeks…”
  • Scare tactic – “Last chance to get this offer…”
  • Freebee – “Here is a tip that…”

Bragging about a success or a customers success that you are trying to highlight is a good way to make the reader interested, it’s the “if they can do it, I can do it” mindset.

Scare them into urgency…don’t REALLY scare them but anything that says “Last Chance” will make them take a few extra seconds to see what they could be missing out on.

Freebee is a way to draw their attention…oh you have a tip for me? This won’t take long, let me see what they have to day and then I can move on about my day a little wiser.

Limit your focus to ONE topic per newsletter.

I know you can multitask but its better to keep the focus on one particular thing other then 5 things that you can’t give the proper attention too. If you have a theme that you have been posting about on your company blog this week then direct your newsletter to mirror that. Does your company do more seasonal promotions? Than highlight a promotion you are running. Don’t run promotions, then you should consider starting. Whatever it is you want to say to your customers, make sure it’s a singular focus and say that one thing really well.

We are ALL visual.

Don’t leave out the visuals and video’s. Everyone wants to see pretty pictures and fun videos and graphics. We live in a world where this is easily accomplished and should be utilized in your newsletter. After watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online. DON’T MISS OUT!

Show your personality!

Everyone company has one and you need to use it to your advantage. Make sure your company colors and logos and fonts are always used. Add a fun quote to each newsletter or even a horoscope section. Make your reader WANT to open your email over others.


Your company newsletter needs to be focused on your goals and how you can grow your brand/product/service, etc. Keep it simple with a singular focus that shows your personality and gives your customers awesome value-added content. Stay consistent and your newsletter family will grow as well as your customer base. As always BT Web Group is here to help you achieve your goals, contact with your business needs and we will formulate a plan just for you!

Written By

Mary Beth Evans – Chief Operating Officer

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