Why You Should Include Retargeting As Part of Your Marketing Plan.

Spend Little, Gain A LOT.

Retargeting, or remarketing as it’s sometimes also called, is an inexpensive and effective way to get the right eyes on your offers. If you’re not familiar with retargeting, basically it’s a marketing strategy where if a person visits your website and does not convert (buy your product, download your free report, etc.), then they will see ads you’ve created come up through other searches encouraging/reminding them to come to your site.

Think about this…

if people visit your site once and don’t convert, without retargeting, you are leaving it up to chance that they’ll think of you again and come back. However, when they see your retargeting advertisement, they are much more likely to return and convert.

Let’s break it down.

Obviously, conversion is our ultimate goal, but let’s also break down other reasons why you should be including retargeting as part of your overall online marketing plan:

1. It’s Inexpensive

Starting a retargeting plan doesn’t require a huge investment. By engaging in a well-thought-out retargeting campaign directed toward previous visitors to your website, you can get fantastic ROI. In many cases, businesses are reporting that it increases their conversion rates by more than 147%!

2. It’s Effective

The fact is, targeting those who have already visited your site is much more effective than creating a new audience to target within the advertising platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Because of this, it might make sense to make a retargeting campaign your first dive into social media advertising.

3. It’s Not Complicated

It’s not hard because you don’t have to figure out the audience to target. The hardest part is driving traffic to your site in the first place which will happen with amazing valuable content and a great marketing strategy. The technical side of retargeting is simply a matter of installing a pixel (some code) to your site, which is very easy to do with directions or a plugin to help. Then you’re live before you know it.

4. Creates Brand Awareness

Even though some of your site visitors will not click on the advertisement when they see it, it will still make them think about your website and your business. Therefore, it will create more brand awareness and help them think of you more often. No more out of site out of mind!

5. Generates More Sales

As mentioned above, a retargeting campaign can improve conversions by as much as 147%. Therefore, you can expect a lot more sales when you embark on a well-thought-out remarketing campaign. Be sure to create ads that are specific to the pages they are leaving. Nothing can kill a remarketing campaign faster than a message that is too vague or general.

6. Gets and Keeps the Attention from Those Who Are Already Interested

People have already visited you once, so they have shown they’re already interested. You may not know yet why they decided not to convert but by running the retargeting campaign, you’ll get their attention – which is easier to do when they’re already interested.

7. You Gain Important Insights through Analytics

By remarketing to people who have already visited your site but did not sign up for your list or buy anything, you can learn a lot about whether or not you’re targeting the right audience with your content and information.


Retargeting is an effective way to improve your sales and build your email list. Additionally, it offers an amazing return on investment because it works. It works better than cold advertisements sent out to an audience because it’s much more targeted. The people have already shown interest by going to your site, even if they bounced off. Even if they did not buy, the fact that they went shows interest, and you can leverage that with making retargeting part of your marketing plan.

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Written By

Holly Kile – Marketing Assistant