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Customers today are more skeptical than ever which is why you need some good marketing ideas and tips. People have been taught not to trust anyone, especially on the internet. Online marketing experts and marketing messages that sound “too good to be true” can be found around every corner you look.

But you have a legitimate business and are committed to treating every customer right. So, what do you do? Good question. The answer is improving your marketing.

Marketing starts with determining what message you will put into the market. Then you need to determine who you’ll communicate that message to. After that you’ll want to determine the right media you’ll use to deliver your marketing message to the public. Truth is, the marketing message should always come first, however most people always jump right to the media first.

Your marketing should have a strong USP (Unique Selling Proposition) which is your identifiable marketing message that differentiates you from all of your competition. It answers the most important question – “Why should I choose to do business with you over any other provider of the same service?” You must have a good answer to that question.

Here are some more marketing ideas and tips:

• The more targeted you can make your marketing, the better.
• Lead generation advertising is designed to only do one thing – get the customer to raise their hand.
• If you can define the customer type you want, you can probably find a list or an audience for it.
• Don’t forget about marketing to past and present customers.
• Time and money spent in list selection is money spent in lead quality.
• Always try to market in such a way so that you can measure the cost per lead.
• Direct Response Marketing is the only type of marketing that can be measured and tracked to the penny.
• Develop your marketing message by pinpointing what makes you special and stand out from competitors.
• Come up with a great marketing message and hook. Example: Dominos – Fresh hot pizza delivered to your door in 30 minutes or less, guaranteed.
• Your marketing shouldn’t try to claim to be all things to all people.
• Your marketing should get potential customers to raise their hand, but what you do with the customer once they answer your ad will define the true success of your business.
• Don’t be afraid to offer a product or service for free to get your foot in the door which will allow you to prove yourself with no risk to them.

Additionally, your marketing message should include “Reason Why” copy. This means, if you are going to give away something for free, it’s important to explain why. People are very skeptical (justifiably so) and although the word “free” is compelling, it can also create doubt and raise red flags in the mind of the customer unless you also identify a clear reason why it is free. Here’s an example: “We’ve selected a certain number of people in the area and you are one of them, to receive this product for free, just as a thank you for stopping into our store to get acquainted with the wonderful goods and services that we offer. We believe in putting our best foot forward and believe that if you give us a try this one time, that you’ll be a customer for life.”

Marketing deserves your full attention, are you giving it?

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