How to Effectively Communicate with Right & Left Brain Customers.

Communication is key!

Communication by definition is the act of conveying meanings from one entity or group to another through the use of mutually understood signs, symbols, and semiotic rules.

The main steps inherent to all communication are:

  1. The formation of communicative motivation or reason.
  2. Message composition. Message encoding.

How people recieve communication is also key!

When a company or brand communicates with customers and potential customers the communication takes on a new form at a cellular level. How people receive communicated information is different based off whether they are more Right Brain or Left Brain thinkers, wouldn’t you agree?

There are five main types of communication:

  • Visual
  • Formal/Informal
  • Written
  • Non-verbal/Interpersonal
  • Verbal

Lets break it down.

Lets take a look at how a company or brand can communicate to different types of customers who have different ways of receiving communications.

Right Brain

The right side of the brain looks at visual reference as a whole, whether it is a landscape, object, or piece of artwork, and then works its way into noticing finer details. Those with a right-side dominant brain depend more on visual references for understanding and are often times visual learners according to WDD. Visual learners make up about 65% of the population so making sure your brand communicates effectively to these individuals is key. Most visual learners are Right Brained individuals, which is the side of the brain that is in control of creativity, social and visual skills as well as intuition. These individuals are more emotional and make decisions and purchases based of feelings. Also, these individuals are more curious so they might be more willing to try your product or service without much thought.

Communication that is more visual, and non-verbal/interpersonal are most effective when targeting Right Brain thinkers.

Left Brain

The left side on the other hand, first sees the details and puts them together to form the bigger picture. The Left Brain is the side that handles organization and logic. Because of this, those that have a dominant left side are also very organized; they prefer schedules and deadlines, and love rules and regulations. They are more auditory learners, and are better at using words to remember things rather than visual aids. They process ideas in a step-by-step, algorithmic way, and are therefore less prone to error according to WDD. Making sure your brand communicates to this side of the brain is also important, you can’t leave those 35% out in the rain. Especially because whatever product or service your business specializes in, could best suite this type of individual.

Communication that is more formal/informal and verbal are most effective when targeting Left Brain thinkers.

The brain and its respective sides do also work together.

If not you would be walking into walls or worse. The best way to communicate with both sides is with written communication. Each side can mix and match the abilities of the other to form its own “personality” however the more dominant side will always win over. Its just nature, someone has to win.

The point is to COMMUNICATE!

If you have a product or service that might fit a specific side of the brain more than the other then it would be smart to align your brand in a way that those individuals will gravitate too. Unsure who your customer base is? We can help you figure our who your customers are and then formulate the best plan to communicate to those customers.

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Written By

Mary Beth Evans – Chief Operating Officer