5 Unique Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Local Marketing.

5 Unique Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Local Marketing.

Whether your business is local or global, there are several ways that you can benefit from locally based marketing. For businesses that want to grow beyond their local borders, local marketing can even be a key to expanding to international markets. Here are 5 ways all online businesses can benefit from local marketing:

1. Improves Your Search Engine Rankings

Location-based marketing helps you get a higher search ranking because whenever anyone searches for you in that location, you’ll show up in some of the first pages of search. Even if people don’t type their location, the local businesses show up first for each search. This gives you a prime opportunity to attract your audience using local marketing.

2. It’s Inexpensive and Has a High ROI

Many types of local marketing are FREE. For example, putting up content that has location-based keywords, adding information to various platforms that include the right keywords for your location will improve your search results without spending a dime. Adding location-based information to advertisements will generate even more return. Leveraging the power of location-based marketing can be a great way to extend the reach of your budget and connect with more prospective customers.

3. Engage with Customers More

When you are more focused on the customer’s location, you can take advantage of some of the automatic trust you get by being focused on a location in your SEO and advertisements. You can use your actual location to get started, even if you want your business to be an international or national business. You can also focus on anyone’s location if you know you have an audience there.

4. Attract More Customers

Locally based marketing can help you attract new customers by placing the focus on one location at a time through your advertising and marketing methods. For example, if you know that you have a lot of clients in a region of Kentucky in the USA focus your advertising and marketing there. Drilling down even more specifically to the city location can be even more effective.

5. Become a Locally Renowned Expert

One fun and effective way to use local marketing to your benefit is to become a local expert. Start with your location or a major city near your location. Send out press releases, get interviews on local news stations, and submit articles in local publications. Local media outlets are always looking for a good story to share with their audience so why not make it about you!  Don’t forget then to market each event that you do so that you soon become known as a local expert.

Local marketing can and will benefit your business!

Local marketing can benefit any type of online business as well as a business that has a brick and mortar base. It really doesn’t matter if your business is only local or not. Of course, if your business is local, you’re going to benefit from local marketing even more. Ensuring that your business shows up in local search will attract more customers, ensure that you become more attractive yourself, and will enable you to become a local expert.

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Holly Kile – Marketing Assistant