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Our software development services are aimed at elevating your business. In your search for the best software developer in Lexington, KY, we are the best fit for your business.

Design and Product Development

BT Web Group is a full-service software development company for a reason. We are committed to developing a product design strategy that instantly makes your target audience fall in love with your business. To help you conquer the market, we offer various products, including:

Product Strategy Consulting

Businesses revolve around the customer; no one understands your customers better than you. By partnering with you, we look forward to understanding your audience's needs and developing products accordingly. We apply our years of experience and expertise to advise you on the best winning strategies for your project that you can deploy to make your product a resounding success. 

User Experience Design

Customers are the kings of your business. Since we are working with you to transform your untested ideas into a seamless user experience, we use the iterative process of prototyping, testing, and getting feedback from real users about their knowledge and what could be improved. We devote our time and resources to developing features that deliver value to your users using the most current technology. 

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Why Are We the Best?

Custom Development

We customize our software development solutions to suit your and your customers' needs. We keep your objectives for the product in mind as we undertake all development activities and consider your unique software requirements.

User Experience Development

At BT Web Group, we not only develop solutions to grow your business but also to engage your target audience so that they look forward to interacting with you more. 


We have no intention of tip-toeing around your idea if we think it doesn't suit the needs of the industry. That's why we have the best originality and strategy services to provide a detailed explanation and work with your product team to improve it. 

Latest Innovation

Our years of experience in software development make us your best partner. We understand what works and doesn't and seek to utilize the latest technologies to create more effective solutions. 


We set out to ensure that every client gets what they need and what's suitable for their customers. This is why we provide a wide range of solutions to suit every business and industry. This also allows us to customize the software specifically for you. 

Software development doesn't have to be hard for you. At BT Web Group, we have just the service to help you grow your brand by using the best software and systems to reach and engage your audience.

Let BT Web Group Be Your Custom Software Development Consultant