“Digital transformation is no longer an option, it's a necessity.”

Brian Evans, Founder & CEO of BT Web Group

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Brian T. Evans Jr.

President & CEO

Dear Client,

My name is Brian Evans and I want you to know that there is no aspect of business that I enjoy more than marketing and advertising. When planned and implemented correctly, it takes the shape of more than just a department within an organization, it can transform a business.

I believe the product or service of a company should be good enough to sell itself, however, marketing is the doorway that all customers must first walk through to discover it.

After 20+ years as a business owner, I've learned that it's not enough today just to have a great product or service. To truly stand out and make a difference in a noisy world, businesses must seek to connect with their customers deeply. I believe this is best accomplished with a clear and inspiring brand and mission that methodically and consistently generates trust and engagement with customers.

A business's mission must also motivate its team of people to live up to the highest moral and ethical standards daily so they are personally aligned with the vision and values of the company.

The best businesses aren't the ones with the most significant budgets or lowest prices; they are the ones that are authentic, consistent, inspiring, reliable, and have a clear sense of purpose in the World, no matter how big or small they are.

I believe that this personal attitude and commitment must be led by example from everyone in an organization. This collective attitude, work ethic, and loyalty, packaged with first-class marketing, are what truly drive growth, make the world a better place, and keep customers coming back for more.

I've passionately invested most of my life studying the art of personal and business success, looking for new ways to solve problems, grow faster, and achieve more.   Time and experience have led me to believe that no problem can't be solved and that there is no limit to success when people work together, trust each other, communicate openly, and work hard toward common goals.

At BT Web Group we seek to work with companies that align with our personal beliefs and values and I welcome the possibility to meet and discuss opportunities with you.

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Contrary to popular belief

Why Hire BT?

There are countless marketing companies to choose from, so why consider working with BT Web Group?

We're a creative, strategic, and aggressive digital marketing & advertising agency based in Lexington, Kentucky. Our team is focused on serving clients locally and nationally.

We believe in delivering the best results possible by finding and maximizing your strengths, backed by our core values: Loyalty, Integrity, Quality, Speed, and Communication.

Here Are A Few MORE Reasons Why BT.

  • We treat your business as if it's our business.
  • We won't make promises we can't keep.
  • We customize strategies specific to your business and goals.
  • We're locally owned and based in Lexington, KY.
  • We will challenge you to think creatively with your marketing plan and strategy.
  • We will help keep you accountable to the marketing plan we create.
  • We may recommend strategies that are unconventional but are based on proven data.
  • We believe every business owner who dreams big dreams should have the same opportunity to succeed online as companies with unlimited budgets.
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If you're looking for real experience, you've come to the right place.

What Has BT Web Group Accomplished?

  • We've been in business for over 20 years.
  • We've generated millions of new website visitors for our clients with SEO strategies.
  • We've helped generate millions of dollars of new revenue for our clients.
  • We've generated thousands of new leads for clients with PPC campaigns.
  • We built hundreds of websites.
  • We designed hundreds of promotional and print graphics.
  • We've posted hundreds of social media updates for our clients.
  • We've worked with dozens of industries, local and national.
  • We're qualified and certified in online and offline marketing.
  • We've created hundreds of videos for our client's brands.
  • We've written, directed, and produced a feature-length documentary film.
  • We've written dozens of business plans for our clients.
  • We've produced multiple podcasts for our clients.
  • We've created and facilitated the sending of thousands of direct mail pieces for our clients. Yes, direct mail still works.
  • We've designed hundreds of logos.
  • We've produced dozens of TV and Radio commercials.
  • We've custom-built dozens of software programs, web applications, algorithms, and API's for our clients.
  • We've taken thousands of product photography photos.
  • We host and keep secure hundreds of client websites.
  • We've written and published multiple books on Marketing.
  • We won the Marketer of the Year Award in 2015.
  • We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  • We have a 5-star rating on Google.
  • We can do almost anything regarding digital marketing, software technology, and media production.

You're in very good hands.

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A message from Brian