Why have a website?

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Have you ever wondered why you should have a website? Your website is your #1 asset and this video blog will explain why it’s so important and how to use your website effectively.

Do you know how important it is to have a good website?

If you’re a business owner, then you know how important it is to have a good functioning website. But unfortunately, a lot of people don’t realize the overall impact that a website can have on the bottom line of your business. And the fact is, it should not be ignored, because your website is your number one asset. Your website doesn’t sleep, your website’s your best employee. Your website’s your sales person, your website’s your support department, and everything else in between.

Your website is your #1 Asset

So, let me just explain to you real quick, I’m going to draw a picture so you can show what I mean when I say it’s your number one asset. How it should be working for you, okay? So, if you have your website here, most people build a website and then they treat it as a static website, as a brochure site, and they never touch it again. They’ve got their level here, they have their menu items here, and they have all their content on all the pages here.

What you should do is use your website as your online journal, your public display of information on the internet. What people typically do for that regard is they’ll use their Facebook account for something like that, or they’ll use their Twitter account to provide updates, or their Instagram account, or any other account. Their Google account, etc…

Now, all these are very important, but the fact is they’re not working cohesively with your website. What you need to do, instead of posting content on Facebook all the time, or Twitter all the time, or Instagram all the time, or Google, or whatever social media channel you use, is you want to put that information on your blog page of your website, or news section of your website, or and update section of your website, or new pages of your website first.

So, by doing that, you’re going to put that on your website every single time, whether it’s once a day, once a day, twice a day, et cetera. Put that on your website first, because you’re telling Google right there that you’re keeping your website current and active. This is very good for SEO, search engine optimization.

The quality of your website dictates the quality of your SEO

Now, search engine optimization, some people love it, some people hate it. It works, bottom line, but you have to do it consistently and create a pattern that shows Google, or other search engines, that you are a legit company, and you are not ignoring your website. You’re doing things consistently to provide good information to visitors.

So, that way if someone goes to Google and searches a keyword online, how to do this, or a company that services this, if you’re continually posting about that type of information, or similar content on your website, then you’re more likely to be increased in the search engine results. And more likely to get more visitors and traction to your website.

Here’s how to make your website work FOR you

So, what you need to do for your website to work for you is to always use this as your social page first. Put everything on here first, then when you post a blog or any other content, you’re going to share that with your social media channels.
After that, what’s going to happen is people on your social media channels, your audience, it’s going to recognize and see that content. Then, what should take place is that content should basically drive that traffic back to your website in order to finish that content, that article, or that video, or something else, with a call to action to bring back visitors to your website from these channels. Back to your website, so your website can finish educating them about your business. And then, your website can have a call to action that says download this.

You can now start to build your audience on your list. People can buy from you, engage with you further. Likes are great, shares are great, but the purpose of every piece of content you put out there on the internet is to get that traffic back to your website, which is your number one asset, so that way your website can do the work for you to convert that traffic into leads. And then you, once you’ve captured that lead, can convert that traffic into a customer.

So, bottom line, your website is your number one asset. So, don’t neglect it, okay? Have a great day.

By Brian Evans – President

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