What’s the difference between Digital Marketing, Online Marketing, and Internet Marketing?

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between “digital marketing” “online marketing” and “internet marketing“?

As a Marketing Agency located in Lexington, KY we get asked this question frequently, especially when working with new clients who are confused about these terms and are looking for help from us to generate new traffic and customers to their website or physical location.

Our answer to that explains the differences of these terms this is actually very important… yet, please be aware that depending on who you ask, you very well may get a different answer than ours.

Here’s our answer: Digital Marketing, Online Marketing, and Internet Marketing are ALL THE SAME and in our opinion, the only real difference that may be legitimately argued is the technology that is used to distribute this type of marketing to consumers. These words are used interchangeably by almost everyone, especially Marketing Agencies.

Often times a Marketing Agency will try to make one sound more important than the other when in reality there is virtually no difference. Why would another marketing agency do this and try to confuse you? In our opinion, for the purpose of making you think they have an “edge” with online marketing and therefore it’s just a sales pitch to try and convince you to hire them instead of one of their marketing agency competitors. Ask us how we know this.

According to BT Web Group, our definition of Digital Marketing, Online Marketing, and Internet Marketing is this – it’s a form of marketing or advertising whereby access to the internet by all parties is a requirement in order to distribute a message from businesses to consumers. This online marketing message is used to get the attention and interest of consumers who are likely to inquire about purchasing a product or service by visiting your website, social media page, or your physical location.

So, as you can see they all have the same meaning and purpose even though the terms are used interchangeably. The only difference (which is viable but not differentiating) is the technology that is used to distribute a message from businesses to consumers through the connective channels of the internet.

Bottom line is this: Digital marketing, Online Marketing, Internet Marketing (whatever you call it) is a very powerful strategy and arguably one of THE MOST POWERFUL marketing strategies businesses can use to get new customers these days, but it is something that is a learned skill, and requires daily commitment and involvement in due to the speed that online technology changes.

Whew… sounds complex and overly sophisticated doesn’t it? Well, in one sense it is because there is a lot of weird html code, cookies, pixels, and algorithms used behind the scenes to gather information and make it all work but don’t let it confuse you or scare you because that’s where BT Web Group can help you if you need it. We’re here help you get more traffic, leads, and customers by using the power and reach of the internet with your online marketing.  Here are some marketing ideas and tips.

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