Website Trends for 2018

You've designed your website and you love it! But maybe, just maybe, it's time for a little makeover. The search engines and social media are continually updating their algorithms. It's important to make sure that your website remains current within those trends. So, here are a few!

    1. Layouts - The trend is a Broken Grid Layout. Simply put it means that text and images drift into and across the edges. It's a looser version of the highly organized website we've seen in the past.


    1. Illustrations - They are taking center stage in a powerful way. With one look you can understand what a product is, what it does, and who it's for.


    1. Shapes - In 2018 you will see more organic and softer shapes. Have you noticed that the tweet boxes have rounded corners? Everything is more fluid, soft edges, curves.


    1. Fonts - Typefaces are taking center stage. They're more elaborate, more robust, more… Just more.


    1. Menus - You can float the navigation menus on your site. They don't have to be stuck at the top or the side anymore.


    1. Videos - Today's society is all about the video. Do you have one on your site today? They are a great way to personalize your site. You can share a lot of information in an intimate way.


    1. CSS Grid - CSS Grid is the first real layout system for the web. And it has been a long time coming. You use it to organize content with total control.




Designing, and re-designing websites is a huge undertaking. But it can also be an enjoyable and exciting one. Get help. If you've been working with the same web designer for years and you feel like you're just not getting anywhere, don't be afraid to test drive a different designer.


Your website is very often the first impression you make with your customer. You want it to describe who your company is and what it does in one image. A video, an illustration, these are perfect ways to do that.

Get Help

It's always best to let the experts help. It is very important to have a professional website. While some of this list might not seem new for 2018, the way we are using them is new and different. Don't be afraid to experiment. Try something new.

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