WARNING! Is Your Website Safe?

National Computer Security Day - 11-30-18

Did you know that November 30th is National Computer Security Day?

Being in the technology business it is part of our job to stay on top of all things related to the ever-changing world we live in today. Today is a holiday I’m sure many of you never knew existed. However your safety online is something that you should be concerned with on a daily basis.

Think about it, we have technology at our fingertips, literally. How many of you are reading this from your phone? I’m sure about 90% of you.

So lets take a minute to think about your computer security, and yes your phone counts as a computer so listen up!

As consumers we like to have options. Having a phone is a great convenience that we take advantage of and for hackers and those wanting to due you harm on the Internet, they too will take advantage.

Fun Facts:

  • Computers as we know them today started around 1980
  • The first computer cost $40K USD and weighed 550LBS
  • Simple concept of a computer, you put information into it and it gives you information back.
  • Last year there were 317 million new pieces of malware created…whoa

Lets talk about some things you can do to prevent these 317 million viruses from affecting you.

  1. Having a strong password can prevent most attacks.
    • There is a reason that most platforms that you need to log into require multi step password selections like: “there must be one capital letter, a number, a character, must be 12 characters long and a blood donation…maybe not the last one but you get the picture.
  2. New device? Doesn’t mean that its safe.
    • Christmas is coming and you have your eyes on the new iPhone X, don’t be fooled by the fancy box and wrapping. This doesn’t mean that this device isn’t already infected.
  3. Every website and app that you visit should use HTTPS, not just the ones that you are providing sensitive information to, like your credit card number. Why all? Because hackers/eavesdroppers/surveillance programs don’t “follow the rules” they go after any vulnerable outlet.
    • Rule of thump: if the site doesn’t have a green lock next to it, leave.
    • Just want to make sure you are paying attention.
  5. Software updates are there for your protection, use them.
    • Those pop-ups can be annoying, but what’s more annoying? Clicking on the update or having to get a new credit card because your software was outdated and you got hacked?
    • Next time you see the update. Do it.

Now that you know the facts.

BT Web Group created beautiful functioning websites for businesses. We work with a variety of clients who need different functions on their websites. Some require an eCommerce site; others just want to have a simple form on their site to grow their newsletter list. Whatever the site requirements are for the client the requirements for us as the creator are far greater and the details and systems we put in place in the background, protect the client as well as the customers visiting their site.

If your site doesn’t have the green lock next to it when you type it into your search bar, give us a call. We can help secure your site and make your business more credible. We do free website and hosting services audits for all new clients. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Contact BT Web Group for all your Digital Marketing and Web Design needs. We’re located in Lexington, KY

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Mary Beth Chief Operating Officer

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Mary Beth Evans – Chief Operating Officer