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Welcome class, today’s topic is “Touchpoints”

I read an interesting article from the Newsletter “Think Google” this week that talked about the consumer and the various journeys they take when it comes to selecting a product or service. Within that article they mentioned the word “touchpoint” several times.

Being in this “line of business” we hear various vocabularies that are familiar to us however when we speak to our Clients the vocabulary we use is sometimes lost on them. As it should be.  If I were meeting with a Chemical Engineer and she started talking to me about Maillard reaction, I would be puzzled. However if she explained what that was in layman’s terms it would be easily digestible. Make sense?

Lets dive in and talk about touchpoints; we will cover the basics of how to identify, create, and use touchpoints to build your business.

What the heck are touchpoints?

Let us reference the dictionary on this one; a touchpoint is;

  1. “a point of contact or interaction, especially between a business and its customers or consumers.”
  2. “a point of reference.”

Every time someone interacts with your company and brand an opportunity is born.

Example: Sally is an up and coming fashion designer. Sally makes her own clothes and take pride in picking the natural materials used to make her clothes. Sally even chooses to only use local products. Sally rocks!   Sally is ready for her first pop up shop in a new retail location in town. The retail shop has offered to add Sally’s business to the next flier they produce. With every flier that is sent out or distributed is being seen by the local community, this is a touchpoint. Each flier for that matter is a touchpoint. Every social post, visit to Sally’s shop or visit to her website is also a touchpoint.

Are touchpoints important?


As a company, touchpoints define your customers experience with your brand. The more positive the experience the better the customer will feel towards your company.

Lets stick with Sally for a minute and expand on her touchpoints for this pop-up-shop. The word is out there now the best way for Sally to increase her customers experience with her company she will always greet each customer thought the door with a smile. Sizing for items will be custom, she will go out of her way to make a customer feel taken care of. She will provide multiple ways to accept payment, as not all customers are created equal. These are all customer service related services, which increase her brand and are all positive touchpoints for her customers.

Who creates touchpoints for my company?

Anyone and everyone.



As a business you can create touchpoints with your customers and potential customers. Customers can create a touchpoint with you by reaching out to find out business hours or to call about returns.   Even third parties can create touchpoints for your business. Any time your company is mentioned, searched or talked about a touchpoint has been created.

Touchpoints can appear on/in:

  1. Company website
  2. Email marketing
  3. Social Media
  4. Product packaging
  5. Physical location
  6. Advertisements (print & digital)
  7. Sponsorships
  8. Direct mail
  9. Reviews
  10. AND MORE.

How do I utilize touchpoints to their full potential?

It is all about the customer’s journey. Focus on the customers pre-purchase, purchase and post-purchase and you will go far.

Pre-purchase – customers typically want to gather information at this stage. They want to know things about your product or service that will sway them into the next stage of purchase. Keep in mind, reviews, product ingredients, hours of operation and where can they customer buy.

Purchase – after the research has been done they customer has made a conscious decision to put their money where their research landed them. Details about the purchase are important to the customer. Can they order online and pick up in store? Can they order online and get next day shipping? Convenience and communication is key.

Post-purchase – what’s next? Customers will likely use/consume your product or service and depending on what it is they will still want to know things. Can I dry the shirt after its been washed, is dry cleaning required, etc.

All businesses benefit from touchpoints.

Anytime a customer or potential customer can see your company the more likely they are to take next steps and purchase from you.   Keep in mind that you should always BE CONSISTENT, BE POSITIVE and TRACK. BT Web Group can offer assistance on all of these levels. Give us a call today to talk about your company’s touchpoints and your plans for future growth.

Oh and in case you were wondering – Maillard reaction is also known as non-enzymatic browning, it is the chemical reaction between proteins and reducing sugars during heating which produces colours, thanks Oxford for making me look smart.

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