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Text Message Marketing Works?

Most people are familiar with email marketing. 80% get deleted – and business insider reports that only 34% of American consumers say they check their email “throughout the day.” and that “the biggest group (39%) are people who check their email only 1 to 3 times a day.” Text messages on the other hand, are statistically opened within the first 5 mins of being received.

Some FUN statistics

  • More than 200 thousand text messages per second are sent by people around the world, that is – about 7 trillion messages per year on average.
  • 50% of adults aged 18–24 confirm that text message dialogues are just as meaningful to them as phone calls.
  • 77% of students request their collage to send important information via text message instead of by email or phone call.
  • Again, text messages are statistically opened within the first 5 mins of being received.

That last statistic is an important one to remember.

How Does Text Message Marketing Work?

Not unlike traditional email marketing, you usually have a method setup for your customers to opt-in to text message marketing. This can be done through a QR Code, simple signage asking the customer to send a text message saying – for example “hello” to a specific phone number, or even just a phone number field on your website. It is usually beneficial to offer some sort of incentive to entice the customer into opting in – maybe a percentage off their next order.

The business owner (you) do not have to use a cell phone to launch a text message marketing campaign. Everything is done through a special SMS Server Management Portal that is developed and maintained by BT Web Group. Once customers have opted their phone number in to the system, you can then manage this list and the messages sent by accessing your online text message marketing portal, or by simply requesting that your advertising professional at BT Web Group blast out a message on your behalf to your opt-in list.

What Are Some Ways To Use Text Message Marketing?

Here are some great ways to use this technology to help make a huge positive impact on your business.

Restaurant Industry – During slow times of the day: “Come into (Great Foods) in the next 3 hours and show this text message to your waiter for a free appetizer”.

Monthly Tips: “Did you know?” type message, enticing the receiver to visitor your website to read more.

Flash Sales – Red Box sent a text message marketing campaign with a link to a special deal. Once the customer clicked on the link they were then taken to a mobile website where they could scratch off a virtual scratch off card to receive their mobile discount coupon code.

Text message sweepstakes: Potential customers only need to text a word or phrase to your campaign phone number, then they are instantly entered for a chance to win a prize. This helps you build your subscriber list, and engages with your target customer.

Fun Fact:

The same system that is used for Text Message Marketing can also be customized for other tasks for your business. For example: Appointment Reminders!

Do you have a great idea for a marketing campaign, or a new innovative use for online mobile text message technology? Let us know about it, and we can make it a reality!

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Written By

Shane Shuford – Chief Technology Officer