ORGANIZE – 8 Letters That Pack a Punch!

Face it – if you aren’t organized in your own business how can you service your customers?

We all know someone in our lives, whether professionally or personally, that is a little “extra”. For example, their desk is neat and everything has a place. Their notes are color coordinated and filed by date. They might even have their closet separated into sections based off color and season…“Hi, my name is Mary and I have an organization problem.”

In all seriousness being organized is important. Lets dial it back a notch and talk about the word ORGANIZE and what that means. Webster has it defined as; “1. to form into a coherent unity or functioning whole”, 2. “to arrange by systematic planning and united effort” there are more but I think you get the picture. Essentially it’s a means to gather and plan a way to increase functionality.

Lets break it down in 8 easy steps.

O is for Order:

When I think about organizing something I first think about the order; or simply how I am going to arrange things in relation to each other according to a particular sequence, pattern, or method. This should be done with intention and will make then next 7 steps easier for you as you go.

For example: lets say you want to start collecting leads from a form on our website. You must create an ORDER of events that will take place:

  1. The form on your website is created & embedded on your website
  2. You test this form
  3. This form connects to your CRM
  4. You test that this form connects to your CRM
  5. Within your CRM you have auto-responders in place so that when someone opts-in the following takes place:
    • Welcome email
    • A To Do is created for a member of your Team to follow up
  6. You test your welcome email sends and the To Do is created
  7. Once testing is completed you are read to collect leads!

This step focuses on planning the organizational process.

R is for Regulate:

Once you have an order in place its time to supervise that process by the means of rules set forth in your company’s business model. The word regulate translates to “control by rules”. At this stage you can adjust things based off issues that may arise or because something in your original plan has changed.

This step focuses on controlling the organizational process.

G is for Group:

This concept is how you categorize people or things that are located close together or are considered or classed together. Keeping similarly grouped people or things can help you organize your list or services or locations, depending on what you are grouping.

For example: You have 100 leads and you would like to keep track of the Source of those leads in order to track your return on investment (ROI). You will want to group these leads based off where they came from.

Your marketing efforts:

  1. Website leads – 40
  2. Direct mail leads – 10
  3. Email marketing leads – 50

This is where a good CRM comes in play so that you can keep track of your dollars spent.

This step focuses on categorizing the organizational process.

A is for Arrange:

This rolls back to our first step of ordering. Arrange is the same concept and is placed a few steps below order as a way to check you organizational plan. At this stage you should reevaluate your order and make arrangements where needed.

This step focuses on reevaluating the organizational process.

N is for Navigate:

Lets plan and direct the route or course of your goal. Always keep in mind where you are going. Knowing which direction to take and route to map are part of this organizational journey…see what I did there. Back to it, make sure that you are in line with your goals during this step, if you have veered off course its time to check your plan of action and re-group. Aye-aye Captain?!

This step focuses on your goals during the organizational process.

I is for Incorporate:

Don’t forget to include your Team on your organizational journey. Keeping everyone clued in on the plan and how to achieve that plan will make you successful in your organization and business.

This step focuses on your team during the organizational process.

Z is for Zero excuses:

I’ll say it again…there is ZERO excuse for being unorganized. You don’t have to have your clothes organized by color and season to understand the logic and necessity for keeping things organized in a way that makes sense for you and for anyone within your business.

This step focuses on doing your part during the organizational process.

E is for Evaluate:

The importance of evaluating your work/ideas/plans/goals to stay organized is key. There is never a “set it and forget it” model when it comes to being organized. Always evaluate and changes things so that you can make your life easier.

This step focuses on reevaluating (again) during the organizational process.

ORGANIZE is spelled…

Order, Regulate, Group, Arrange, Navigate, Incorporate, Zero excuses, Evaluate.

Thought-out each of these steps these tips are all saying the same thing.   In order to be organized and to stay organized you have to have a plan with an order of events that are grouped together to get you to your goals. You will always need to rearrange and reevaluate during this process to stay organized and on track. BT Web Group has some great tools to help you with organization and we would be glad to help answer any questions you might have on the topic.

Written By

Mary Beth Evans – Chief Operating Officer

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