Facebook Updates for 2018

It was this year that Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg announced the latest news feed algorithm. It prioritized news from friends and family at the expense of public content, news publishers, and marketers. Everyone went into a panic thinking it would negatively affect their business postings. You don’t need to worry.

Let’s take a look

News Feed Algorithm Revolution: Here’s how it works.

In the past, Facebook prioritized posts that people reacted to by commenting or sharing. The new Facebook will also prioritize posts that spark conversation and interactions. The goal is to offer users a more vibrant experience.

These changes have a huge impact on Pages, advertisers, and marketers. It will become much more difficult to reach your perfect audiences. However, this is NOT a disadvantage. Instead, it highlights the importance of crafting effective campaigns. It also highlights what a difference your content will make when targeted to the right audience.

Because of the rising ad prices and the competition in everyone’s news feeds, Facebook is expecting marketers to become more sophisticated. They want you to lead with your content first. You will need to change your ad strategy to make the new rules work for you.

Engagement Bait

This is the change everyone has been talking about regarding “comment & share” or “like this post if…” or “like, comment, share”. In the old Facebook, we saw these showing up on our feeds a lot. The new Facebook will show these less. It’s Facebook’s hope that this will offer an improved user experience.

Building Community with Music

Facebook recently partnered with Universal Music Group and Sony/ATV. Their hope is that users will create new music-related experiences. They want to build stronger, more connected communities around music.

Campaign Budget Optimization

This was announced in November but is slowly being rolled out. The old Facebook allocates more budget to the “winning” ads. But with the new Facebook you get to set the budget for the entire campaign. And specify that you wish to optimize it. Budget optimization is smart to use when:

  • You set a campaign-level budget and want some flexibility in how that budget is spent across the AdSets in the campaign.
  • You want to get the most results from your campaign.
  • You want to simplify your campaign set up and save time by reducing the number of budgets you are manually managing.

City Specific Section

Facebook is test driving a new area of its app called “Today In.” It’s a mix of city-specific events, announcements, and local news. They’re rolling this out in 6 cities. Right now, it isn’t prominent enough to be a News Feed replacement, but it could be very promising.


Facebook is constantly changing the way their users engage with their audiences. Knowing and staying ahead of the curve is how to keep Facebook working for you. And if you need some help staying ahead of the changes, BT Web Group is here to assist.