Does Your Company Have A Customer Service System?

Are your customers 100% satisfied?

Do they share how excited they are to work with you and how thrilled they are with every interaction they have with you?

Or is there some room to improve? A little room to improve? Or, maybe a lot of room for improvement?

Maybe your customer service is average to good, but there are always going to be some unhappy customers, right?

You can’t please everyone. That’s a fact. However, the reason that someone leaves your company and your sales funnel shouldn’t be due to a customer service issue. Your goal should always be that their reason for leaving should be because you’ve solved all their problems and they’ve grown. They’ve purchased everything you offer that is a good fit for them, they’ve happily referred their friends and family to you, and now they are moving on glad to have invested with you. That’s the ideal customer service scenario for any company.

There are a lot of misconceptions about what customer service is and what it isn’t.

Customer service isn’t jus ta concept. It’s actually a series of processes designed to:

  • Keep your customers happy and satisfied
  • Prevent problems from occurring
  • Solve any unexpected problems that do come up in a quick and efficient manner
  • And to keep your customers buying your products so that they become lifetime clients.

And contrary to what you might think…

customer service doesn’t start when someone makes a purchase. Customer service starts before that. It starts at the first touch – their first visit to your website, the first commercial they see, the first post they engage with on social media. You have to ask yourself if in those first moments, DO they have a positive experience?

If you look at how customer service was defined above, “a series of processes”, you may start to realize that your own customer service has room for improvement. Much of your customer service can and should be automated. It should be a series of “if this happens, then this automatically happens next” actions. It should be something that proactively solves a problem or prevents a problem from happening.

For example

Autoresponders that thank customers for their purchase are a customer service system. They’re automated and they help guide your customer to find the answers, products, and steps they need to take.

Here are examples of other customer service systems that your business should be using:

FAQ Pages – These pages are easy to create and can be quite effective. Write down the most common questions that you get from prospects and customers. Look at your product and website from the customer’s perspective and anticipate the questions they might have. Make sure that your FAQ page is easy to find. And remember to add to your FAQ page as new questions come up.

Contact Forms – What if someone has a question and the answer isn’t on your FAQ page? A contact form is an easy solution. You can make it part of your “Contact” page, add it to the end of your FAQ page, or place it in your sidebar or footer. Like your FAQs, make sure that visitors and customers can easily find your contact form. You should then make sure a process is in place so that you can answer their questions within one business day if that makes sense for your products and services. Templates with common answers are a great way to move people through that process efficiently and quickly.

Support Ticket Systems – For your existing customers, it can be quite helpful to have a support ticket-based customer service system. They fill out a request for support online, and you or someone else, responds to their issue. This type of system helps streamline communication so messages don’t get lost and you have a record to go back and look at when reviewing your overall processes. It also automates much of the process. Customers know that you received their message and they are notified when you respond.

Search Function – A good old-fashioned “search” function on your website can be helpful. Your website visitors or clients can type in search phrases or the product keywords in the search box and they will be taken directly to a results page with a list of items containing their search term. This is a simple solution that is often overlooked.

Of course, not all your customer service can be automated.

Sometimes a customer or lead needs to talk to a real live person. Make sure your website and other ways you connect with customers has a clear way for them to connect with a live person when that’s warranted. To help keep that process streamlined, scripts, operation manuals and training materials can help create consistency, continuity, and control to make sure your overall customer service system is functioning as it should. Having this system in place and working properly is how you get to the goal of keeping your customer 100% satisfied!

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Written By

Holly Kile – Marketing Assistant