Does Your Blog Have a Strategy?

Lets Talk Strategy

Billions of searches are conducted every single day by individuals looking for everything from how to bake a cherry pie to why zebras have stripes. For business owners, these searches represent a steady flow of potential customers who are looking for what you have to offer.

Your blog is an easy and very cost-effective method of being found by the exact people who most need, want, and are willing to pay for your services. It only really works well if you have a strategy first.

Know Your Keywords

These are the search terms your ideal client is using to find answers to their questions. When you know what your keywords are, you can easily create blog posts that will:

  • Attract and engage the right visitors to your website
  • Position you as the expert in your niche
  • Make it simple for your target client to find and do business with you

Write for People, not Search Engines

While it’s important to know and use keywords in your blog posts, it’s even more important that you write your content with people in mind over search engines. Your blog should be engaging, informational, and even entertaining, but above all else it must be readable. We’ve all been to that website that is difficult to read because it mentions the same 2-3 words over and over. That’s a sure-fire sign someone is writing for a search engine. When you do that, you aren’t building a relationship – you’re probably doing the opposite!

Be Consistent

Content marketing—and blogging, by extension—is a numbers game. The more content you create and publish, the greater your results will be. That means setting—and sticking to—a content production schedule is a must.

For most websites, a weekly schedule is both attainable and sufficient to build a steady stream of traffic. No matter when you decide on for a schedule, keeping it consistent is the key.

Keep Long-Term Goals in Mind

Blogging is not a get rich quick growth strategy, but it is excellent for long-term sustainability. Those posts you write this month will continue to work for you many years from now, bringing in more and more traffic and potential clients.

Exercise Good SEO Practices

Aside from keywords, the best bloggers know there are many techniques you can use to bring in more readers, including:

  • Link out to other trusted sites from within your blog
  • Link internally to other, related content within your own site
  • Use graphics and sub-headlines to break up long text passages
  • Take the time to write compelling meta descriptions
  • Create content that other sites will want to link to

Spread the Word

Each new blog post is an opportunity to be seen, so take the time to share your content socially, and encourage your readers to do the same. Share your post in your newsletter and on your Facebook page, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and anywhere else your ideal client is likely to see it.

Change up the Content Type

Not every post has to be a 2,000 word article. Include other types of content as well, such as:

  • Video
  • Infographics
  • Curated content
  • Short opinion pieces
  • Audio
  • Podcasts

Have Fun with It

Above all else, have some fun. Inject your personality into your blog. Not only will you more easily attract your ideal client but you’ll enjoy blogging a lot more if you use your authentic voice. And the more you enjoy it, the more likely you will remain consistent as well.

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Written By

Holly Kile – Marketing Assistant