Direct Response Marketing Basics

What is Direct Response Marketing?

Have you ever heard the term direct response marketing but didn’t really know what it was or how to do it?

If so, today I’m going to discuss with you what direct response marketing is so you can decide if it is a marketing strategy that you want to use for your business.

Hey there, my name is Brian Evans, the president of BT Web Group and the question of Direct response marketing is a very important one to understand.

In basic terms, it is a type of marketing promotion that asks a consumer to take an immediate action from a message.

The reason why this type of marketing can be so powerful is because it allows the advertiser to accurately measure the results that occurred from a specific marketing message using specific media.

It’s different from direct marketing, which is basically where an advertiser directly contacts potential buyers who weren’t expecting to be contacted.

Direct response marketing allows businesses to understand the performance of their marketing messages when promoting products or services without having to wait for long periods of time to determine results.

Direct response marketing messages should be trackable based on a specific offer provided to consumers. For example, a clothing store might offer a 20% discount coupon that expires in 30 days. Any consumer that brings in this coupon to make a purchase can be identified as someone who took action from the original direct response marketing message.

If the business invested $5,000 to run this promotion and the total sales generated from this coupon was $10,000 then we are able to determine that this direct response marketing strategy provided the business a 200% return on investment. And in case you’re wondering those are great numbers.

Direct response marketing can be used for any business in any media in the world.  The trick is making sure that the offer or promotion you put in front of consumers is something where they can get fast or immediate gratification for taking action.

You, the business owner must then have in place the appropriate methods for tracking the total number of leads generated or products sold from this exact promotion in order to accurately determine if the promotion was profitable or not.

If it was profitable then you should remember exactly what you did and plan to do it again.

If it wasn’t profitable then you should turn off the promotion and either trash it for good or work on making it better for next time.

Some of the easiest, fastest, and best ways to use direct response marketing for your business these days is by running search engine marketing ads or pay click ads through online platforms like Google, Facebook, and all other online marketing channels that allow for paid advertising.

Now, without getting into too many details about how to advertise online, I will tell you that advertising on Google and Facebook are two very different platforms.

Facebook allows businesses to use display advertising where you can put a message or an image or video in front of a specific audience type that you choose.

The better you can identify who your target customer is, how old they are, what gender they are, where they live, their income status etc. the better your chances of that marketing message being able to convert new leads because you targeted your message to that type of audience on Facebook.

Google, offers display advertising as well with similar audience types as Facebook, but their go to solution for marketing online has always been through their search engine ads.

I’ll be honest, advertising in the Google search engine has always been my favorite way to advertise online because it can be so specific and so targeted to what someone is looking for.

Think about it, if you own a roofing company in Lexington Kentucky, what do you think the consumer is going to do if they have a roof problem? They’re probably going to go to Google and type in “roofing companies Lexington Kentucky”.

If you’re smart, and aggressive, and want to be one of the roofing companies that show up on the first page of google every time then all you have to do is run an ad that tells google to show your business link when people search those words.  The way Google charge you is when people click on your link.

That’s why this type of advertising is commonly referred to as pay per click marketing.

The price that you pay per click varies based on the total level of competition for your keywords in your marketplace. The lower the competition the lower the price per click, the higher the competition the higher the cost per click.

No matter what type of direct-response marketing strategy you choose, online or offline, print or direct mail, tv or radio, billboards or banner ads, every campaign must be well thought out, well written, have strong offers, a clear call to action, and easily trackable from beginning to end.

Test small and prove that the marketing pays for itself and then scale up gradually from there.

With time practice and experience you’ll begin to discover the real power of direct response marketing.

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