6 Unique and Fun Methods You Can Use to Generate Traffic and Leads from Social Media

Generating traffic (which turns into leads) is the most crucial factor in increasing your sales and growing your business. While there are many ways to boost website traffic, social media is the one of the most favorable. Social media marketing is cheap and you can even run social media campaigns for free making it one of the most cost effective methods as well.

Also, social media networks help you build an audience that you can engage with many times. Plus, social media helps customers you may never meet to hear about and discover your business; this increases your overall reach and the total number of prospects.

However, to get the maximum benefit from social media marketing you have to use social media and the content in your website in the right way. If you don’t, or if you aren’t creating valuable content, you won’t drive high-quality traffic to your site and generate sales.

Here are six fun and creative ways to generate traffic and leads from social media.

Host Giveaways or Contests

Everybody loves freebies! Contests can be an upbeat way to engage with your followers while improving your exposure and expanding your audience. Statistically speaking, Instagram accounts that run contents regularly grow about 70% faster than the accounts that don’t.

When it comes to giveaways and sweepstakes, people tend to enjoy sharing these types of campaigns. Make sure you include entry forms to capture important lead data. And at the end of the form, incorporate a way participants can share the offer. This way, the entrants can spread the word within their community, and with every mention you can build a relationship by engaging and acknowledging their posts.

Run a Tagging Contest

It’s common for social media users to tag their friends in the comments of posts they think their friends will love. Leverage this quick and easy exposure by posting relatable content and inviting your fans and followers to tag a friend they think will love the content for a chance to win a prize.

The prize can be your own product or service, or something useful like an Amazon gift card. However, using your products is the best option, because this encourages other users who see the post to buy your products if they don’t win.

Running a tagging contest is an easy way to reach a larger audience and get them to be part of your social media audience. You can then direct this larger audience to your website the next time you post content or a product link. This is a fun way to boost web traffic.

Discount Codes

Discount codes and flash deals are a great way to boost brand awareness and generate demand. By creating a strong call to action and time constraint, you can add a sense of urgency for prospective customers to respond to your campaigns. Many businesses are using this approach to reduce shopping cart abandonment rates.

Discount codes can help you get an in-depth insight into your. By assigning unique codes to each social platform, you can determine which channel directed the most traffic to your website.

Host a Live Stream Event

Going live is an incredible way to interact directly with your followers and engage with them in real time.

Live chats allow you to answer questions, gather feedback, and generate awareness about your products or services. They also offer you an opportunity to position you as an expert in the industry. This can help you drive cross-channel traffic by directing participants to gated content (content revealed after an opt-in), landing pages, and offerings.

To make live streams more fun, gather a list of participants at the end of the live stream and give them a shout-out for participating.

Integrate Social Media Buttons into Your Website

Not only can you generate web traffic from social media, but you can also turn web visitors into social media followers by integrating social media buttons on each web page.

These buttons improve the chances that your web visitors will follow you on social media, and they increase the odds of your content being shared. Remind readers to follow you on different social media networks at the end of your blog posts. This improves the chances of converting your web visitors into paying customers.

Leverage Facebook’s “Reactions”

The reaction button is Facebook’s most fun feature. This feature allows your followers to respond to your Facebook posts using one of five different reaction emojis. Instead of just “liking” a post, your followers can choose from “haha,” “angry,” “wow,” “sad,” and “love.”

As a brand, you can use these buttons to engage your followers, and gauge their interests and feelings about your content. The like, love, and wow reactions show that viewers liked your content and they found it entertaining. But if you get a lot of angry reactions, it’s time to revisit your social media content strategy.

Learning how to generate more traffic and leads with social media takes time and experimentation. But once you hit the sweet spot, you’ll be amazed at the results you’ll see. Start with one or two and measure your results to see what worked and what didn’t. It’s also a great idea to mix it up so that your audience doesn’t get burned out on the same old promotion or campaign. By using variety and engaging strategies, you’ll be sure to see a boost in your profits!