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More than just just having the website graphic design is required. We make you understand that your business performance highly depends on website hosting. If the website loads slowly or the site is repeatedly down, it doesn't draw clients, no matter how attractive the website design is. 

At BT Web Group, we're a marketing agency that helps you sort out these problems by hosting and maintaining the website. We leave you to worry about running the business and not thinking about fixing a crashed server. 

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BT Web Group Website Hosting Benefits:

Best Speeds

Our aim with every BT Web Group website is to get you performing at the top of other peer websites. It's a balancing act with the growth of social media-focused websites to build an eye-catching site that performs well. A fast site with an unattractive look is just as bad as a slow, beautiful site. We work with you to find the perfect combination for your business and host it on the fastest cloud-based, premium WordPress hosting.


Every site has a complimentary hardened firewall that automatically detects and blocks suspicious traffic and unauthorized logins. We also include Cloudflare protection which secures and ensures the reliability of your web resources. We don't believe security is something that you should have to pay extra for.

Best In-class Maintenance

Our most popular hosting packages include worry-free maintenance hours for no additional charge. You can think of these like an oil change on your car: backups, software updates, and bug fixes aren't something you can afford to delay. Let us handle the day-to-day annoyances of maintaining your site so you can focus on your growing business.

Automated Backups

We back up every site nightly and before any updates or maintenance. Sleep easy, knowing that your data is always safe and available.

US-Based Support

Wonder why your current host takes 12 hours to answer an e-mail on a good day? Their support is probably overseas. You can always reach us by phone, text, or e-mail. Proudly based in Lexington, Kentucky–we'll be around.

At BT Web Group, we Offer Cutting-Edge Web Hosting Server Hardware for High-Performance Websites in Lexington, KY.

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What BT Web Group Offers:

Top Tier Speed and Unlimited Bandwidth

Website users have, over time, become increasingly impatient to slow site loading speeds. Studies show that 40% of website visitors leave a site that takes over 3 seconds to load. Our lightning-speed hosting ensures that your visitors don't become impatient. Plus, we install caching and CloudFlare on the site for extra speed and security. 

Regular Website Backup

Our premium hosting plan offers a daily backup on the entire website, giving you much-needed peace of mind. In case of data loss, we're always on standby to restore the site. 

Continuous Real-Time Monitoring

We have continuous monitoring systems that send a notification the second your site goes down for us to remedy the problem. At BT Web Group, we guarantee 99% uptime. You don't have to worry about missing sales opportunities due to website downtime. 

Updates and Security Patches

We ensure real-time detection of website security threats and recovery in case of viruses, hacks, and more. Additionally, we update the WordPress core regularly to the most recent and stable version. We also update all plugins to protect your site against errors and other vulnerabilities. 

Additional Features

We offer real-time access to the data center and include SFTP accounts and a free security certificate (HTTPS/SSL) on request. Also, we assist in purchasing and registering domain names and other hosting-related requests. 

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Let BT Web Group Be Your Website Hosting Consultant