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Enter your info and check your email for the results.  Some websites take longer to audit than others, however, you will receive your website audit results within 1 hour of submission.

Wait a few seconds for the green checkmark before navigating away from the page after submission.

This free website audit tool will crawl up to 25 pages on your website that allows you to analyze the health of your website. It will provide you with a list of issues that makes it easy to see where your website may be struggling. Fixing these issues will help boost the SEO of your website.

Websites come in all shapes and sizes, so finding the biggest needs for your website will be a different story for everybody. But no matter what type of site you have, it's important to keep organized and maintain good website health, especially for SEO.

Do You Want A FULL Website Health and SEO Audit?

Regularly $149, now only $99

If after using our free website audit tool, you would like to request a FULL audit of your website which consists of over 140 on-page and technical SEO checks, please go here for more information.  Our full website audit checks everything from surface-level issues like duplicate content and broken links, to in-depth analysis of AMPs, HTTPS implementation, correct usage of the hreflang attribute, crawlability and indexability, flexible settings - domain, subdomain or subfolder crawling and more.

Our full website audit service has the ability to crawl either the desktop or mobile version of your website and check up to 100,000 pages per audit, so it can be used for anything from a portfolio website to SMB sites, to enterprise and global businesses.  Learn more about our Full Website Audit.

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