Our Marketing Strategy Services Include:


Many businesses have internal marketing teams, but these teams may be limited by their own experiences and biases. BT Web Group, on the other hand, can bring a fresh perspective and a wealth of knowledge and experience from working with a variety of clients in different industries.

In addition to providing specific marketing services, our marketing consultants can also act as coaches and mentors, helping business owners and marketing teams to develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. This can include training on marketing best practices, planning and budgeting, and developing and executing marketing campaigns.

Overall, marketing consulting services can be a valuable investment for businesses looking to improve their marketing efforts and reach their target audiences more effectively. By accessing outside expertise and perspective, businesses can develop marketing strategies that are tailored to their specific needs and goals.


A business needs to define the brand's identity, positioning in the market, and communicating the brand's message to its target audience. Effective brand management helps a company to differentiate itself from its competitors and build a loyal customer base.

This includes the brand's name, logo, and other visual elements that represent the brand. It also involves defining the brand's values and personality, which should be reflected in all of the brand's communication and marketing efforts.

Positioning the brand involves determining the target audience for the brand and creating a unique value proposition that resonates with that audience. It also involves identifying the competitors in the market and differentiating the brand from them.

Communicating the brand's message to its target audience is crucial, this includes creating a consistent brand message across all marketing channels, such as advertising, social media, and website content.

We will also monitor and measure the effectiveness of brand-building efforts, as well as adapt and evolve the brand as needed to meet changing market conditions and customer needs.