Real Estate Video

Every real estate video should make the viewer feel as if they are inside the home.

BT Web Group

A real estate video is the most effective form of marketing when it comes to selling a house. The smartest realtors in Lexington, KY and surrounding areas are embracing the power of high quality videos to engage buyers for their listings.  Every house has a story, special features, and unique attributes which should be demonstrated in a professional house tour video.

We can record amazing house videos (aka: mini movies) to help you sell more houses faster and for higher prices.  With our state of the art video equipment, lenses, lighting, drones, software, and professional editing experience.  The real estate videos we produce for your listings will be the talk of the town.

Not only will our real estate videos help you sell the house in the videos, they will also help you get more listings and more buyers who will want to do business with you because of the brand you'll be building as a go to Realtor.

Here are some Real Estate Videos we've produced