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When Do You Need Custom Software?

When Do You Need Custom Software?

Often in business, you realize that the existing software solutions available aren't quite what you need to be able to maintain a growth trajectory for your business. That's when a custom software solution comes in. Custom software can be desktop software, mobile applications or web applications. Whether you want to use it for internal use or as a marketable product, custom software can be a great solutions. Here are a few signs that it's time for you to invest in a custom software solutions:

1. Your current software/application has limitations. Most commonly, you realize that the software you're currently using just isn't doing everything you need it to do. You often find yourself saying things like "It would be so much better if this program did xxxx" or "I wish we could do xxxx with this."

2. Your business requirements change. As you grow, your business changes and if your software doesn't grow with it, you'll need to make some changes. In the case of healthcare, for example, all of a sudden, healthcare providers needed software that met HIPAA requirements. If you can't find an off the shelf solution, you need to have something custom built to meet your legal obligations.

3. Your current software doesn't integrate with other systems. No business can be run on just one system but if all your programs can't talk to each other, you may find yourself doing a lot of manual updates which takes time and money.

4. Your current software is outdated. Technology changes at the speed of light and one day you may find that your current software is outdated and no longer supported. You may experience a loss of functionality as well as inability to find someone to fix any problems.

5. You're looking for a competitive edge. New software can often help you gain an edge over your competition. Whether it's a sophisticated shopping function or a new mobile app, you can jump in front of the competition easily with custom software.

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