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Commercial Photography

Photography is the story I fail to put into words.

Destin Sparks

What Is Commercial Photography?

What Is Commercial Photography?

Commercial Photography is an important part of every business' marketing strategy. Commercial photography includes any photographs used for your business in sales and marketing. Photography is often what can entice a customer to buy because they are visually attracted to the image rather than the text describing the product or service. Commercial marketing can include:

  • Advertisements
  • Product photography
  • Professional headshots
  • Architectural photography
  • Fashion photography
  • And more…

On your website, for example, you wouldn’t use a “selfie” to project the best professional image of you and your team.  Instead, you would want to use professional headshots. Likewise, for your product images, if you use photos you take with your phone, you are likely to miss out on the best display of your products. Instead, use a commercial photographer who can take all elements of great commercial photography into account including lighting, placement, background, and more.

Beyond the taking of the photos, it’s also important to have an expert eye in the editing process. Professional commercial photographers are able to make a variety of edits including changing colors of clothing, adapting a green screen, and more.

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