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Explain what your business does

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What services does your business provide?

Who are the ideal customers for your business?

Business Website (domain)

What is the average sale price with a customer? (If you have a brand new business, estimate what you think it will be)

How many customer transactions do you do each month on average? (If you have a brand new business, estimate what you think it will be).

What are the 2-4 Brand Colors of your business brand?

What are the Font Styles of your business brand?

Specify the pages you would like on the home page of your website:

Would you like anything specifically highlighted on the site?

What are the top 3 competitors websites in your industry (local or national)?

What are a few websites (in ANY industry) that you really like the look and feel of? These examples help us better understand the online design style and user experience that might be best for you. You can also provide any description or explanation.

What Social Media Platforms do you currently or plan to post on?

What are the public links to your Social Media Business pages.

Do you have a Google Analytics account set up for your website?


What are the TOP 10-20 Keywords or Phrases that a customer would type into Google to find your product? (separate with commas)

MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION OF ALL - Why should a customer do business with you over one of your competitors? (take your time and answer this question to the best of your ability).

Example from BT Web Group: We believe in striving to improve and innovate our business everyday which is why the work we do for our clients today is better than the work we were doing a month ago, and the work we do for our clients a month from now will be better than the work we’re doing today. We get out of bed every morning with the purpose providing greater results for our clients which in turn provides a happier more prosperous life for their families and ours. The way we do all this is by providing innovative online marketing and web solutions for businesses in every industry, big and small. How we do this is by giving digital control and transparency back to the client. By providing real time results tracking on all online marketing and web services. By making website updates and improvements promptly when asked. By optimizing every marketing campaign to the penny and letting the ROI prove our worth. By treating every client’s needs equally, no matter the size of their budget. And by always doing our best, because we believe if we do that, God will do the rest.

Additional comments, concerns, or goals that you would like to share with us about your business history, your website, your industry, your online reputation, etc.?

Please upload your business logo (high resolution if possible) *

Please upload up to 3 images, photos, graphics that portray the look and feel of your business.

Please upload any documents, marketing materials, business plan, etc. to help us better understand your business.

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