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Image_3 Smart Ways To Raise Awareness About Your Nonprofit Online Blog 02-06-19

3 Smart Ways to Raise Awareness About Your Nonprofit Online.

Hello Nonprofits! Trying to figure out the best way to raise awareness about your nonprofit can be a challenge. The biggest challenge is often trying to figure out how to get the message out in the right way and in front of the right people. This challenge is actually shared by nonprofits and for-profit businesses.…...

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Video Marketing – Trend or Fad?

So which is it; trend or fad? Video marketing is a trend that is not going away; in fact it’s growing! Video is EVERYWHERE! And don’t we love it?!? Here’s a couple fun facts: In 2014, 72 hours of video were uploaded to YouTube every minute. (Digimind) Today, that number has exploded to 400 hours…...

It’s Snowing Video

“It’s Snowing” is a fun little video created by BT Web Group. If you’re ready to ramp up the video production and online marketing for your business, contact us and say hello.   Please Like & Share This Article.Tweet Please Like & Share This Article.Tweet