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Image_The biggest mistakes you can make in your business vol 6-10_BE_02-27-19

The biggest mistakes you can make in your business, Vol. 6-10

Last week I wrote about 5 Big Mistakes that business owners make (as well as the solutions for improvement) when running a business. To read that article, click here. Today, that list grows with mistakes 6-10. I’ve made them all (sometimes still do) and most other business people do to, which is why they are…...

The Marketing Strategies Book by BT Web Group

Our Book Made Headlines!!

Recently our President, Brian Evans had a conversation with Smiley Pete Publishing, a local Publishing group in town. During that conversation Brian had mentioned that we had recently written a book that became a Best Seller on Amazon. This sparked interest and they asked if they could interview him about the book.   The book…...