Business Consulting & Mentoring

Knowledge isn’t power.

Knowledge in and of itself does you no good. When you take action on the knowledge you have…we call that know-how…that’s when things change and your business grows.

The more know-how you have, the more profit your business will produce.

Sometimes, in business, you can “borrow” from the expertise of others. They can share what they’ve learned to help you grow faster.

The best business consulting happens when knowledge and know-how are shared and turned into action for the business owner. Action leads to profits, and that’s why you’re in business…to make money.

One-on-One Mentoring

Coaching is a buzzword that covers all kinds of things. Sometimes, it includes cookie-cutter programs with no real consideration given to your business or your needs. Your business is unique and your coaching, mentoring, and business consulting should be too.

One-on-one mentoring takes you and your business into consideration. Mentoring isn’t a one-size fits all type thing. It’s customized to you,your wants and desires, your clients, your goals and it’s all about growing your business your way.

Anybody can put out their shingle that says “I’m a Coach.” Not everyone can say “I can mentor you because I’ve been in business for 10, 15, or more years. And, I can guide you around the road blocks, save you time and money and help you make more profits. I can do this because I’ve been or have clients who have been in similar situations.”

You never want a business mentor who has never run their own successful business.

At BT Web Group we not only own several businesses, we’ve helped businesses in almost every business niche you can think of grow their business. And, now, we take all that experience and put it together. We take exactly what you need from different areas of experience. Then, we customize your mentoring with flexibility that changes with you and your business.

Group Coaching

Even our group coaching programs give you one-on-one time with our expert coaches.

Cookie cutter programs don’t work. But, customized programs where you have direct access to the coach (not associate coaches or assistants) and can ask questions as they come up is the kind of group program you want.

If you’re not yet ready for one-on-one mentoring, group coaching is a great place to start because you still get the benefit of one-on-one time, group Q&A time as well as a curriculum of education you need to grow your business.

We’re a team.

When you hire a consultant it’s sometimes a one-time occurrence. Other times you need more than just a one-time business consulting experience. This is where the relationship turns into deep, real, long-term business building.

Business is about a lot of things and it can seem complicated and overwhelming at times. Sometimes, you need someone who can see the big picture and help you move through the details to get you where you want to be.

You not only need good tools, you must also have knowledge and know-how for your business to thrive and succeed. That’s when you see increases in your net profit.

With Business Consulting, Coaching and Mentoring, You Gain From Our Experience

With BT Web Group’s Business Consulting Services, we’ll customize a roadmap for your business’s success.

We’ll work one-on-one with you to develop a comprehensive plan.

Let our years of experience work to your advantage. We’ll show you how to avoid expending a significant and painful amount of money in trial and error. Instead, we’ll show you how to leapfrog your way to the level of success you’re looking for…and more!

Call us when you’re ready to talk!

The starting point is simple…we need to talk or meet in person so we can fully understand your product, service, needs and goals.  There is no such thing as a straight line when trying to go from A to B in business.  Everyone needs help sometimes, and we’re here when you’re ready.