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6 Unique and Fun Methods You Can Use to Generate Traffic and Leads from Social Media

November 14, 2019 |

Generating traffic (which turns into leads) is the most crucial factor in increasing your sales and growing your business. While there are many ways to boost website traffic, social media is the one of the most favorable. Social media marketing is cheap and you can even run social media campaigns for free making it one…

How To Build Trust Through Social Media

October 17, 2019 |

Trust among consumers is more important than ever.  In 2018, there was a massive data breach with Facebook. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook have been purging MILLIONS of fake account. YouTube is cracking down on fake news. In fact, 25% of consumers say that “trust in brand” is one of their top 3 reasons to shop…

5 Easy Tips To Create Images That Maximize Your Social Media Effectiveness

October 10, 2019 |

Did you know that when people hear information, they will probably only remember about 10% of that information three days later? In contrast to that, if a pertinent image is paired with that information, 65% of people will retain that information after 3 days! In other words, if you aren’t using visuals in your social…

Tips To Grow Your Social Presence With Organic and Paid Advertising

September 16, 2019 |

There’s a lot of buzz on social media, and social media advertising can help you get into a position where customers see your ads instead of your competitors’. People aged 18 to 34 are more likely to follow a business on social media than in other ways. This means you’ll be able to reach that…

Blog_Use Storytelling to Build a Community of Followers and Grow Your Business 05-22-19

Use Storytelling to Build a Community of Followers and Grow Your Business.

May 22, 2019 |

It’s story time. Storytelling is an essential part of human communication and is also powerful marketing tool that many businesses have yet to tap into. It sways shoppers by increasing brand awareness and attracting new customers. The story you tell shapes how customers remember your company.   Creating a unique brand story on social media…

A Beginners Guide to Optimizing Facebook’s Insights.

April 15, 2019 |

Oh the POWER! We all know how powerful social media has become; I like to relate it to one of my favorite Star Wars quotes “the force is strong with this one”.   What is great about this “power” is that each social platform is becoming a tool that can help businesses. These tools allow…

5 Ways to Show Client Appreciation.

April 8, 2019 |

As a business owner… it’s important to remember that you are in a relationship with your clients and customers and it’s important to remind them that you are grateful for their business. Making client appreciation a regular part of your customer service will not only increase their loyalty but also will help when it comes…

Why Your Business Should Be Podcasting NOW!

April 1, 2019 |

Podcast? A podcast is a series of digital audio or video programs (often pre-recorded) which a user can download in order to listen to. For a business owner, every podcast you produce provides your audience with a ton of fresh content along with a number of other great benefits.   If the thought of producing…

Vlog – Posting Articles to LinkedIn Pulse

March 20, 2019 |

Check out our VLOG below. Transcript – Vlog – Posting Articles to LinkedIn Pulse   Hello this is Holly from BT Web Group. This week we wanted to explain to you have to post articles to your LinkedIn Pulse. Its easy if you will log into your LinkedIn account. At the very top you will…

Image_3 Smart Ways To Raise Awareness About Your Nonprofit Online Blog 02-06-19

3 Smart Ways to Raise Awareness About Your Nonprofit Online.

February 6, 2019 |

Hello Nonprofits! Trying to figure out the best way to raise awareness about your nonprofit can be a challenge. The biggest challenge is often trying to figure out how to get the message out in the right way and in front of the right people. This challenge is actually shared by nonprofits and for-profit businesses.…

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