Pay Per Click Advertising for Beginners: Lexington KY

PPC ADVERTISING: A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE FOR BEGINNERS Defining Pay Per Click Ads Pay Per Click digital marketing, commonly known as PPC, refers to a digital ad model where a ppc agency will pay a predetermined fee (their ad spend) whenever a user clicks on their online advertisement. These ads can be seen across various online…

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How to start a PPC Google Ads Campaign for a New Website?

A website is nothing without traffic, and to drive traffic to your website requires advertising. Whether you’re trying to sell products or services online, one of the best ways to drive quality traffic to a new website is with Google AdWords. What exactly is Google AdWords? Google AdWords has several campaign types. This article will…

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3 Things to Consider When Setting Your PPC Advertising Budget

Customers often ask us how much Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising costs. The truth is, there’s no right answer to that question. PPC costs will vary for every business and often for different campaigns within a business. What we can share with you is 3 key things you need to review to determine what YOUR PPC advertising…

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