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Use Your Website to Automate Parts of Your Sales Funnel.

Lets talk about time… When it comes to leveraging your time, automation is the best tool in your toolbox. It allows you to get more done in less time, and to smoothly move people through your sales funnel. For many small business owners, though, the one area that’s often overlooked is your website. Your website…

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3 Smart Ways to Raise Awareness About Your Nonprofit Online.

Hello Nonprofits! Trying to figure out the best way to raise awareness about your nonprofit can be a challenge. The biggest challenge is often trying to figure out how to get the message out in the right way and in front of the right people. This challenge is actually shared by nonprofits and for-profit businesses.…

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3 Social Media Marketing Trends That Will Dominate in 2019!

Do you want to dominate 2019? Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that social media marketing is here to stay. It’s a necessary part of marketing strategy for any size business in any industry. With the change over to a new year on the calendar, here are three social media marketing trends…

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