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Digital Marketing

Why You Need Marketing Right Now

March 26, 2020 |

Marketing is one of the most important functions of operating a business. Technology has forever changed how businesses both operate and market. Today, word-of-mouth marketing and hoping enough customers see your business is not enough. With endless competition, it is up to businesses to implement creative, relevant, and sometimes aggressive marketing strategies to survive.  Now,…

Tips To Grow Your Social Presence With Organic and Paid Advertising

September 16, 2019 |

There’s a lot of buzz on social media, and social media advertising can help you get into a position where customers see your ads instead of your competitors’. People aged 18 to 34 are more likely to follow a business on social media than in other ways. This means you’ll be able to reach that…

BT Web Group Believes

August 8, 2019 |

At BT Web Group we believe that we’ll never have all the answers to website questions or marketing problems when they arise, but if there is a way we’ll go to the ends of the earth to find it or create it.   Reach out today to find out how BT Web Group can customize…

10 Easy Local Marketing Ideas.

July 17, 2019 |

Local Marketing CAN WORK… for any type of business whether you really are only local to the place you want to market to or whether you’re a global business. Often, globally or national businesses don’t think about the fact that local marketing can still work for them, especially when they’re a small business being run…

Think About It Thursday – July 11, 2019

July 11, 2019 |

Our Think About It Thursday topic for this week is…   Should I use Retargeting in my Marketing Strategy?   The answer is YES. Schedule a call with us today to find out what Marketing Strategies BT Web Group can customize for YOUR business. Contact BT Web Group for all your Digital Marketing and Web…

How to Make the Most of Your Retargeting Campaigns.

July 10, 2019 |

First Intentions… Most people don’t have any intention of buying anything when they first visit your site. That first visit is almost always due to curiosity and to find out more information. Statistically speaking, most sites only have a direct conversion of 4% or less. In other words, not many. One of the ways to…

What Is Digital Asset Management and Why Do You Need It?

July 3, 2019 |

Digital Asset Management (DAM) is nothing more than the organization, management, and distribution of any of your digital files. This can include anything from images to text content and everything in between. When you have a good DAM system in place, not only can you easily find things but you also will be keeping those…

Five Rules for Lead Capture on Your Website.

June 26, 2019 |

Five Rules for Lead Capture on Your Website. Your website serves several functions. Obviously it is a source of information for your current or potential customers. But, one of its most important functions is lead capture. You should be using your website as a place to capture information from potential customers. Once you have their…

Eight Things to Consider When Deciding What Digital Programs You Should Use for Your Business.

June 12, 2019 |

We live in a digital world. Having access to the right apps and programs is crucial when it comes to managing the different operations of a business. From more complex things like shopping carts to the simple to-do list, having the right tool makes all the difference. When searching for the perfect tool, there are…

Blog_5 Unique Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Local Marketing 05-29-19

5 Unique Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Local Marketing.

May 29, 2019 |

5 Unique Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Local Marketing. Whether your business is local or global, there are several ways that you can benefit from locally based marketing. For businesses that want to grow beyond their local borders, local marketing can even be a key to expanding to international markets. Here are 5 ways…

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