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Why is a Newsletter Important to my Business?

Image Why is a newsletter important to my business_ME_ 12-26-18

20 words or less. A newsletter is simply a way for you as a business owner to stay in communication with your customers. Think of it like this You might not think of you favorite home décor magazine as a “newsletter” but it is in fact in that category. It’s a monthly subscription that updates…

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Is Your Customer Service Policy Effective?

If you’ve been following this three part blog series on customer service; Do You Understand Your Customers (part 1) and Do You Have a Customer Service Policy? (part 2), then you will have analyzed your customer , developed a policy, and are now ready to evaluate the effectiveness of that policy. But where to start?…

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Do You Have a Customer Service Policy?

Last week we asked how well you know your customers. This week we’re going to use that information to write a customer service policy. Do you have a customer service policy in place? Do you think you need one? If you have a customer service policy, is it current to your customer base? Does it…

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