BT Web Group Believes – June 25, 2019

At BT Web Group we believe that we don’t sell products or services, but rather we propose solutions and opportunities for improvement that are uniquely customized, so each client can progress at their own pace. Reach out today to find out how BT Web Group can customize a path that is right for your business.…

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5 Ways to Show Client Appreciation.

As a business owner… it’s important to remember that you are in a relationship with your clients and customers and it’s important to remind them that you are grateful for their business. Making client appreciation a regular part of your customer service will not only increase their loyalty but also will help when it comes…

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The Importance of a CRM

Before we get started… Recently we talked about some important topics Your Brand Identity Hashtags & SEO Direct Response Marketing All these things that a business does to show prospects WHO they are and HOW we got in front of that prospect are great however its important to remember what to do next and WHERE…

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