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BT Web Group Believes – July 16, 2019

July 16, 2019 |

BT Web Group believes in always doing our best to genuinely help everyone we do business with, even if a client chooses not to do business with us.   Reach out today to find out how BT Web Group can customize a path that is right for your business. Contact BT Web Group for all…

National Logistics Day – June 28, 2019

June 28, 2019 |

National Logistics Day is observed annually on June 28th.   Today we acknowledge the importance that the logistics industry plays in our national and global economies.   Here are some fun facts regarding the logistics industry There are over 53 thousand merchant ships transporting goods around the world. There are over 500 thousand trucking companies operating more than 15 million…

Monday Motivation – June 24, 2019

June 24, 2019 |

Motivation starts with your mindset. “Sometimes later, becomes never. Do it now.” #MondayMotivation #BTWebGroup #DoItNow Contact BT Web Group for all your Digital Marketing and Web Design needs. We’re located in Lexington, KY Please take a moment to like, share, and tell us your thoughts about this topic.  Thank you.

Eight Things to Consider When Deciding What Digital Programs You Should Use for Your Business.

June 12, 2019 |

We live in a digital world. Having access to the right apps and programs is crucial when it comes to managing the different operations of a business. From more complex things like shopping carts to the simple to-do list, having the right tool makes all the difference. When searching for the perfect tool, there are…

NL_Image_Four Key Things to Leverage in Your Business_HK_05-08-19

Four Key Things to Leverage in Your Business.

May 8, 2019 |

What does leverage mean and what does that look like in business? If you’re a service provider, as a new business owner, you are often trading time for dollars. Eventually, you run into a problem – no more time to trade. That’s when it’s time to think about leverage. But what does leverage mean and…

Image_The biggest mistakes you can make in your business vol 1-5_BE_02-20-19

The biggest mistakes you can make in your business, Vol. 1-5

February 20, 2019 |

The facts. As a business owner, I am a firm believer that it’s ok (in fact important) to make mistakes in your business…with TWO conditions: The mistakes you make must never put you out of your house or out of your marriage. All of the mistakes that I’m about to explain to you have come…

Live streaming on virtual screen. Webcast. SMM. Media marketing

Top 10 Reasons to Live Stream to Grow Your Business Now.

February 11, 2019 |

Here’s what you need to know. If you break out into a cold sweat at the very idea of presenting live video on YouTube or Facebook, you’re not alone. But if this fear is holding you back, here are the top 10 reasons why you need to get over it, and go for it. 1…The…

Image_Don't Let These Digital Marketing Myths Scare You_CF_01-23-19

Don’t Let These Digital Marketing Myths Scare You.

January 23, 2019 |

Caution! The biggest barriers to small business owners taking advantage of digital marketing really boil down to the myths surrounding the online marketing world. Myth # 1 – Digital Marketing is some deep, dark secret. This black hole of unlimited information and “how to” options scare some business owners so much that they just avoid…

Thumbnail_Raising The Bar_Business Success and Failure

Raising the Bar Episode 1

January 18, 2019 |

Vlog Transcript What’s up, business people? This is Brian Evans with BT Web Group, where we believe that better marketing builds a better business. I’m right in between two big trucks right now. Driving in my car in between appointments. I wanted to record this quick short video for you because I was asked a…

Image - ORGANIZE - 8 letters that pack a punch!_ME_01-16-19

ORGANIZE – 8 Letters That Pack a Punch!

January 16, 2019 |

Face it – if you aren’t organized in your own business how can you service your customers? We all know someone in our lives, whether professionally or personally, that is a little “extra”. For example, their desk is neat and everything has a place. Their notes are color coordinated and filed by date. They might…

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