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Overcoming Small Business Challenges

You finally realized your dream of owning your own business. And now you realize that it’s not all candy and unicorns. You knew it would be hard work. That you expected. But maybe you didn’t realize all the day to day craziness of running your own business. All the decision making that goes into it.…

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What Do I Need in a CRM?

What is CRM? CRM is Customer Relationship Management. And there are a ton of programs and software tools out there that can assist you with your CRM for your specific business. But what is it really and why do you need it? A CRM system is a must for every business. It helps you analyze…

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So You Finally Did It (Part 2 of 2)

Last week we talked about the first few steps involved in opening your own business. Today we are going to talk about the last few steps to consider when taking this big first step. The Finances and Legal Stuff These can be both exciting and stressful. Knowing the financial health of your company can relieve…

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